Just another film director.


The following random things might be worth of mentioning – don’t ask me why.
People just write these sort of things on their websites.

Creativity magazine picked me to it’s “Directors To Watch” article (in 2006), which featured 20
most interesting up-coming directors around the world. I think I am still quite proud of that.

Some journalists have liked my stuff – some more than others 
2011 shots.net Taobao “Empty City” qualified as a contender for issue 128
2009 shots.net Santander “Live More” qualified as a contender for issue 117
2009 Adforum.com Santander “Live More” was the Pick Of The Day
2006 Adweek Volvo “Heather” was selected for Adweek’s “Best Spots Of September 2006” article.

My work on industry DVDs
Yellow Pages “Online” shots issue 118
Now Magazine “Human Pinball” shots issue 94
Now Magazine “Human Pinball” The Reel May/05
Top-Sport “Don’t” shots issue 82

Some press
Redbox: Pekka Hara dreht für Deka Investments http://tinyurl.com/nwgv7on
Shoot Online: Director Pekka Hara joins RSA http://tinyurl.com/7sufxfv
Hollywood Reporter http://tinyurl.com/7k28cm5
The Beak Street Blog: “Stink’s Pekka Hara turns Shanghai into an Empty City” http://tiny.cc/dvh3n
GoSee’s article on BBDO’s Directors Lounge 2011 http://tinyurl.com/c2fus45
Delightful in-depth analysis on Volvo “Rosi” http://http://tiny.cc/x711h
W&V on Santander “Live More” http://tiny.cc/3vgl2 (auf Deutsch)
Boards Magazine http://tiny.cc/0t0ft

Judging panels I’ve served on
New York Festivals Advertising Awards: Art/technique Grand Jury 2012
Getty Images Mishmash Music Video Remix Competition 2010 – Europe/Africa (head judge)
Oulu Music Video Competition 2010 (head judge)
Getty Images Mishmash Music Video Remix Competition 2009 – Northern Europe
Vuoden Huiput 2010 (Best advertising in Finland)
Voitto Awards 2009 (Best Finnish television advertising)
Cannes Young Lions Award by shots & CFP-E  2005 (member of a country jury)
Vuoden Huiput 2002 (Best advertising in Finland)

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